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Good Hair Day

07. 19. 2010

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  1. step permalink
    07. 19. 2010 14:38

    eleanor looks so cute w those pig tails and so grown up! Lulu.

  2. 07. 19. 2010 19:36

    aw! she looks like a little girl and not a baby — what happened?!

  3. Sumedha Shende permalink
    07. 20. 2010 10:44

    Why are you encouraging Atticus to have pig tails? Eleanor is cute. But stop making ponytails out of his hair!!!

    • sajbat permalink*
      07. 20. 2010 20:51

      I’m helping him explore his feminine side, Mom.

      • Mom permalink
        07. 21. 2010 17:33

        I think he explored enough and now it’s about time that you should stop encourging to explore his faminine side and let him be a boy the way he was born to be a strong man like his father!

      • sajbat permalink*
        07. 21. 2010 17:58

        huh? he’s not starving… 🙂

  4. jenn houser permalink
    07. 26. 2010 00:24

    I think he is rocking a faux mohawk. Very punk rock of him. Perhaps he needs a drumset.

    • sajbat permalink*
      07. 27. 2010 21:14

      yes! I was thinking punk rock as well. Not so sure about that drumset, though…

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