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Fashion Plate

09. 10. 2010

Since I usually look as if I just walked off a Milan runway, it will come as a shock to some of you that I wasn’t always so stylish.  I found this treasure of a picture in a stack of family photos that my parents sent to me. Picture is circa 1991, and clearly taken at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.

I mean, really, could we possibly be any dorkier? I feel bad for the poor gladiator, who was the only one appropriately dressed for the occasion.

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  1. geoff permalink
    09. 10. 2010 08:46

    now THAT is the Sujata I know and love. and where’s the trenchcoat?

    • sajbat permalink*
      09. 10. 2010 08:54

      Oy, you had to bring that up! This was about one year prior to the trenchcoat!

  2. 09. 10. 2010 10:35

    Sometimes sharing is actually not caring at all.

  3. panda permalink
    09. 10. 2010 19:23

    who’s that young man with the slick pink collar?

  4. panda permalink
    09. 10. 2010 19:24

    who’s the young man with the snazzy pink collar?

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